November  2018      

 Bingo played on  Sunday, Tuesday and  Thursday Evenings.  Start from 7.30pm.

 Bridge Club meets  every Wednesday  from 7.30pm.

 Cadance Choir meet  every Tuesday from  7.30pm.

 Acoustic Club 2 meet  every second Monday  from 7.00pm.

Fri    2nd   Zac’s Red Ball

Sat   3rd   Bowls Presentation Evening

Su    4th  

Fri    9th   James Dee

Sat 10th   Luke Childs Music

Su  11th   Christening Party

Mo  12th   Broseley Acoustic Band

Fri  16th   Buddy’s Revival

Sat 17th   End of 1st World War Event

Su  18th   Christening Party  1.30 to 6.00pm

Su  18th   Christening Party..Upstairs Rooms

Fri  23rd   Bobs Ur Uncle

Sat 24th   Members Party

Sat 24th   Members Party …. Upstairs

Su  25th    

Fri  30th   Chevy Bel Air

       Chevy BelAir

      Bob’s Ur Uncle