July 2019      

 Bingo played on  Sunday and  Thursday Evenings.  Start from 7.30pm.

 Bridge Club meets  every Wednesday  from 7.30pm.

 Cadance Choir meet  every Tuesday from  7.30pm.

 Broseley Acoustic band meet every second Monday from 7.00pm.

Fri    5th  Wilkinson School Event

Sat   6th  Domino Presentation Evening.

Sat   6th  Joggers Party upstairs from7.00pm

Sat   6th  Members Party  9.00am to 1.30pm

Su    7th  Members Party. 11.00am to1.00pm

Mo    8th  Broseley Acoustic Band Upstairs

Fri   12th Members Party

Sat  13th Members Party

Sun 14th  

Fri   19th  Tulsa & Shannon

Sat  20th  Broseley Festival Event-Afternoon

Sat  20th  Broseley Festival Event-Evening

Sun 21st  

Fri   26th  G B Duo   

Sat  27th  Members Party.

Sun 28th  Members Party  Upstairs Room