January  2019      

 Bingo played on  Sunday and  Thursday Evenings.  Start from 7.30pm.

 Bridge Club meets  every Wednesday  from 7.30pm.

 Cadance Choir meet  every Tuesday from  7.30pm.

 Broseley Acoustic band meet every second Monday from 7.00pm.

Fri    4th   Bob’s Ur Uncle

Sat   5th   Members Party  1.00pm to 4.30pm

Sat   5th   Derek Lloyd Domino KO

Su    6th   Baby Shower Party. 12 to 6.00pm

Fri  11th   The Swinnertones

Sat 12th   Members Party. 7.00pm to late

Su  13th   Members Party Noon to 4.00pm

Su  13st   Baby Shower..Upstairs. 1.to 3.00

Mo  14th   Broseley Acoustic Band  7.00pm

Fri  18th   Amuse Duo

Sat 19th   Members Party. Noon to 4.00pm

Sat 19th   Members Party.  7.00pm to late

Fri  25h    T J

Sat 26th   Broseley Festival Event

Tu  29th   Meeting. 7.00pm

      Bob’s  Ur  Uncle