BBroseley Domino Presentation Evening…Saturday 7th  July 2017

1) League Winners- The Albion. 2) R U- The Pressies. 3) 3rd  The Red Lion. 4) 4th  The Down & Outs. 5) 5th  The 3 Lions. 6) 6th The Lion B. 7) 7th  The Old Boys. 8) 8th The Lion. 9) 9th The Cricket Club. 10) Highest Win- John Goodall. 11) Captains Cup- N Nelson. 12) R U- J Long. 13) Champion of Champions- R Glaze. 14) R U- N Boden. 15)  Consolation Cup R U- The Pressies. 16) Winners- The Old Boys. 17) Doubles R U- R Ball & S Hamer. 18) Winners- S Barnham & M Burton. 19) Individual R U- R Balll. 20) Winner- D Glaze. 21) K W D Consolation Cup R U- The Down & Outs. 22) K W D Con Cup Winners- The 3 Lions. 23) K W D Cup R U- The Red Lion. 24) K W D Cup Winners- The Lion B. 25) League Cup R U- The Albion. 26) League Cup Winners- The Lion B. 27) Most wins- N Boden, L Hickman, R Glaze & G Welch.